Tuesday, June 21, 2016

30 Day Check-Up with PM

So, as everyone knows, there's a 30 day visit you have with your PM to look at and fix issues, if any.

Our list was super small. 
  1. Above the door to the study, there was a gap in the drywall (you could stick your finger through).
    • PM mudded it and will come back on Friday to paint it
  2. Some of the waterproofing on the front of the house looked like it pulled away.  My brother got a picture before they put the sod in.
    • PM is going to check this.  If it's a major issue now, they will pull up our flower bed and fix it now.  If it's not, he said we might wait until the 1 year fix and check it again.
  3. Soaking tub creaks - sounds like there's space between it and the concrete bed.
    • PM looked at it through the access panel and sees the issue.  He is working to get it fixed because it shouldn't creak.
  4. Overhead lights in the Family Room and Study are white and should be brushed nickel.
    • PM is putting in a service ticket to have them replaced.
We are still waiting for our final exterior paint, but they are waiting until our sod gets rooted and we put the sprinklers away.  So yay for quick landscaping, but now I understand why they wait.


  1. Thats pretty good your list is so short! Our list is front and back on a whole page of notebook paper and grows daily.

    1. We had a really great PM who was a stickler for details - he had a guy go through the house and make all the screw lines in each electrical outlet point up and down! My brother, who's an engineer, was also heavily involved in our build since he was here and we weren't, so he flagged some things for our PM too.

    2. Ooooh i would have loved a PM like yours! Its those little details that I notice and they drive me crazy. Electrical outlet screw lines all in same direction!!! Thats amazing! (Am I weird for thinking that?) Our PM was definitely not a stickler for details... or if he is he just didn't care about our home bcuz he didn't actually build it, it was handed to him at the very end bcuz our PM either quit or was fired.

  2. It's great to see that you're able to settle into your home without many issues. Happy decorating and unpacking!