Saturday, March 26, 2016

Week 6 - Framing Completed!

This week was a lot of fun!! It was amazing to watch each floor go up then to see all the additions each day!  Some pictures will look familiar, but let me walk you through...

By the end of the week, our roof was done and the heating and air conditioning contractor was installing our systems.

Next week will be plumbing and electrical then insulation and inspections.  Our PM is targeting April 6 or 7 for our pre-drywall inspection!! 

Now I'm panicking! We have a lot to do before then, like pack up and sell our house in VA.  I'm getting started though ...














Monday, March 21, 2016

Start of Week 6 - Framing Progress!

Second day of framing.  This is what the house looked like by 11:00am.  They are putting in the second floor decking.

By 2:00pm, we were here:

And from the back:







Saturday, March 19, 2016

Week 5 - Rough Framing Packages Arrive and Framing Starts!!

Well, this week was a nail biter as we anxiously waited for news that the rough framing packages had arrived and framing had started.  

As you saw from my post a few days ago, they did arrive and then it was just a waiting game to see when the framing would start.

Then Thursday night, my brother FaceTimed again to show us that all of the materials had been organized and machinery was in place to do work!!

Friday morning we got a quick update from our PM with this:

My parents drove by at noon, but there wasn't much noticeable change.  But they went back around 4:00pm to find this:

My brother drove by around 7:00pm and they were still working. It looked like they had gotten 95% of the first floor done and were starting to prep for the second floor!! I'll post those pictures once he sends them through!








Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rough Framing Packages have arrived!!!

My brother FaceTimed me last evening to show us that our rough framing packages had arrived! I was so excited I was jumping and screaming!


Doors and windows!





Friday, March 11, 2016

Week 4 - Foundation Phase Complete!

Nothing exciting this week, but we are through the foundation phase!!  Our inspections got completed, the structural steel is set, and interior concrete poured.

The window egress is in the back.

Basement bathroom rough-in


Garage Service Door

My brother drove over on Saturday and FaceTimed with us so we could see what it all looked like.  We did notice a tear in the waterproofing at the front of the house.

I asked my PM about it, assuming it was somewhat normal and that he had seen it, which he had.  He said that this a common occurrence this time of year.  The wet soil settles around the foundation in the overdig and pulls the waterproofing down in the process.  He is going to have the waterproofing company come back and repair it to spec. 

Next week, we are expecting the arrival of our rough framing package!!!  I can't tell you how excited I am!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Week 3 - Waterproofing and Backfill

Not much to report for this week, but here's the update from our PM:

This week we continued our effort to complete the foundation phase of your home. With the erratic weather it's been a little crazy. We were able to get your homes waterproofing and backfill completed. The underground plumbing has also been completed and we passed our plumbing and slab inspections. I am hoping to pour your interior concrete over the weekend or early next week in preparation for your rough framing package.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Estimated Construction Timeline

I came across this estimated schedule on the Ryan Homes website and thought I would share it here so you can also see how the construction timeline is laid out.

Timeline to Building Your Home

Home Swift Home
Building a high-quality, feature-filled home must take a long time, right? Not with Ryan Homes. Our years of experience and highly efficient methods mean that we can deliver your dream home in as little as four months from the date you sign a purchase agreement.
Preparation: Layout/Stake-out
Engineers carefully plan the community layout and site each home for maximum aesthetics. The homesite is cleared and staked out.
Week 1: Excavation
The site is excavated by large machines, with special attention to grading the land to promote proper drainage.
Week 1: Footing
The "footer" is the foundation's foundation, a concrete base below the frostline, upon which the foundation sits.
Week 2—3: Foundation
Load-bearing walls of masonry or concrete create one of four types of foundations: full basement, knee-wall, crawl space, or slab. The foundation is inspected.
Week 4—5: Framing
The floor, wall, and roof framing forms the "skeleton" of the home, using Ryan's state-of-the-art panelized construction that improves efficiency and precision while minimizing waste and the risk of error. After framing inspection, exterior finishes are applied.
Week 6—7: Mechanicals
The "heart and lungs" of the house are installed: the heating and cooling system, the plumbing lines, and the electrical system.
Week 7: Insulation
Insulation is installed in walls and attic, with an insulating ability, or "R-factor" appropriate to the local climate.
Week 7—8: Drywall
Interior walls and ceilings are finished with drywall (sometimes called "gypsum board"), then sanded, primed,and painted with a first coat.
Week 9: Ceramic/Resilient Flooring
Your choice of ceramic tile or vinyl flooring is installed.
Week 9: Trim
A trim carpenter installs doors, cabinets, and molding.
Week 10: Paint
After pointing up trim and drywall, interior surfaces are painted ("second paint").
Week 11: Final Trades
Electrical and plumbing professionals install plugs, light fixtures, faucets, commodes, and appliances. Systems are checked and started.
Week 12: Carpet/Wood Flooring
Carpet and hardwood flooring are installed according to the specifications. The home is then thoroughly cleaned.
Week 12—13: Third-Party Inspection
A thorough appraisal of your home's "readiness" is conducted using a process designed to look at your home from a customer's perspective. This process ensures that your home is complete and ready to settle prior to your Pre-Settlement Demonstration.
Week 13: Pre-Settlement Demonstration
When your home is complete, you return just before settlement for a thorough review including orientation on all of its systems and features. Before you move in, we address all of your questions to ensure you are comfortable before closing on your new Ryan home.

Note: This timeline represents the construction process for a typical, larger single-family home. Actual construction times will vary by home type, region, season, and other factors.