Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Closing Day Updates

Closing Day was awesome! 

First, I got a call about 90 minutes before closing from our project manager.  I got super anxious, but it wasn't a big deal - he said our garage door was possessed!  He said it had opened itself about 3 feet overnight.  He checked to make sure someone didn't try and break in and then the door, apparently, decided to close itself.  He had already called the garage door company and they were coming over to fix it tomorrow (Thursday).

The actual closing ...
SO EASY!!!  We were there maybe 40 minutes.  Went through and signed everything, got our keys, cried my little tears, and rolled out!

We invited my family over to see the house afterward and had subs in the kitchen while our son ran like a maniac all over the house.  I think he's going to like it.

1.  My 19 month old can open all the doors because they aren't knobs.  This will make my life painful.
2.  The powder room is tiny and when people wash their hands, you will get water splashes on the wall.  Here's hoping they dry okay.
3.  If you are particular about window coverings, the windows measure 88 inches from the floor to 4 inches above the window (where you would normally hang a rod.  Curtains are made in an 84 or a 95 inch length, not 88.  I am opting to go with 84 length and will mount the rod closer to the window and the curtains will hang 1-2 inches above the floor.  If you like the puddle type curtains, 95 is an excellent length.
4.  If your exterior has not been painted yet, then your windows have not been caulked either.  They will be caulked - no need to call your PM....I did that for you!


  1. Congrats! Excited for you and anxious for our groundbreaking!

  2. Congratulations!!! Thanks for the helpful tips about the windows.