Monday, May 23, 2016

Pre-Settlement Walkthrough Pictures

Pre-Settlement Walkthrough went really well today.  I had a hard time listening because I wanted to look in my cabinets. I'll post more details later, but for now, here are the pictures:

Kitchen (Stove and flooring!!)

Powder Room

Mud Room (and part of the powder room)

View from Front Door

View of Front Door from the stairs


Dining Room
Family Room

Finished Basement

Inner Workings

Basement Bathroom Rough-In
Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Bedroom #2


Bedroom #3 (apparently I didn't get a picture!)

Upstairs Bathroom

View down the stairs


  1. It looks gorgeous!!! And makes me so excited for ours to continue on!
    Congrats on everything and good luck with closing and getting into that gorgeous new home!!

    1. Thanks!!! Looking forward to seeing yours unfold too!!!

    2. So are we :-)
      I had to go back through your posts, but we also have the Station Square vinyl in some of our resilient areas! It looks really dark in your photos!
      Good luck today!!

    3. The ones in the kitchen? Yeah, it shows up darker in the pictures, but is spectacular in real light. Lots of color and character. I wish I had done it upstairs as well, but whatevs.

    4. yep! They definitely look dark in the photos. But, I really liked them when we picked them bc they had so much color in them :-)

  2. its beautiful! good luck tomorrow!!!